Group Soccer Lessons

Private soccer lessons have many advantages for soccer players, but there are also distinct benefits to having your child participate in group soccer lessons.

Group soccer lessons train multiple soccer player methodologies such as passing & receiving, focused one on one or one on two drills, and utilizing new footwork skills to maneuver around defending players.

Group lessons are grouped by skill level first, and then age.  And, because of other participants varying schedules, it is not uncommon to have lessons with new soccer students regularly.

Group soccer lessons also create an atmosphere of group competition.

Footwork drills, ball handling drills, and speed & agility drills have an added level of competitiveness amongst the group soccer lesson participants.  Your child will be pushed by the other group participants to move faster, more accurately, and with a sense of healthy pressure.

Group soccer lessons have a set schedule and the groups are put together as requests are made and is a cost conscious way to improve the soccer skills and development of your soccer player.

Designated group lesson times are available by reservation by contacting