Ball Handling and Footwork Mastery

 Ball handling is the singular most important soccer skill that young soccer athletes need to focus on.

Shooting and passing the ball are all essential skills in soccer, but without effective ball handling, soccer players will not be able to effectively perform any other aspects of soccer. 


Soccer Ball Control and Touches

Having Superior ball control give the young soccer athlete the ability to navigate through opponents. Coach Keith Williams utilizes drills that use rapid, light touches to manipulate the ball while using all areas of the foot to maximize maneuverability.


Taking and Maintaining Possession of the Soccer Ball

A soccer players that can effectively keep control of the ball and prevent opponents from taking possession is a valuable offensive member of the soccer team.  Conversely, a soccer player who excels at taking the ball from a charging forward is an in-demand commodity for soccer teams.

FriscoSoccerCoach implements drills to help teach the methods that are used in both maintaining ball possession as well as tackling the ball from opponents.


Speed and Accuracy

Players with proficient soccer ball handling abilities have the advantage of moving around and past defenders, which in turn creates the potential for passing and goal scoring opportunities. The difficulty is to sprint fast without losing control or possession of the ball. Coach Williams develops ball control first at slow speeds which over time increases abilities that will allow your soccer player to be able to run fast while maintaining ball control.


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