Position Placement and Strategy

Being physically adept in soccer provides a great advantage to the player and to the team; however, an aspect that is more important that physical ability is the strategic capability of the player.

A part of being a cohesive team is knowing where be on the field to anticipate where the ball might go, be available for a pass, opportunity for a shot, or to prevent an opposing forward from obtaining the ball and shooting.  This knowledge is position placement and strategy and is based on where the soccer ball currently is, where it is likely to go, and what does the player need to do with it next once they receive the ball.

Coach Keith Williams has trained hundreds of soccer players of all ages, both boys and girls, on how and where to properly place themselves on the field to be prepared for any pass, lob, corner, cross, or scoring opportunity.  By participating in group or private lessons, your young soccer athlete will have the advantage of having a better feel of the layout of the players, anticipate where the ball will move to, and know where to go to create an opportunity for ball possession.

Having an increased sense of placement and strategy will allow soccer players more time touching the ball during scrimmages and games, and will ultimately allow them to be a more valuable asset to their team.


To help improve soccer strategy and position placement skills, contact FriscoSoccerCoach today to schedule a group or private soccer lesson.