Speed, Agility, and Quickness

Soccer players are required to perform many sudden and explosive movements which comprise of acceleration/deceleration sprints, running backwards, jumping, and cutting sharply inwards or outwards. 

Speed, agility, and quickness training improves all of these skills and are instrumental in developing total versatility the game of soccer. Coach Keith Williams exposes soccer players to as many different and challenging combinations of movement as possible, with emphasis on high quality technique, and a good understanding of the mechanics of any particular movement pattern. 


Soccer Speed

Soccer speed is the ability to sprint with full effort in a linear or straight line direction on a soccer field. 


To attain this particular skill at a high level, Coach Williams focuses the soccer player’s efforts on increasing:

Acceleration - achieve speed faster

Stride Length - cover more ground with each step

Stride Rate - achieve more steps per second

Speed Endurance - reduce the slowing down effect of repeating many of these short sprints throughout practices and games.

Soccer Agility

Soccer player agility is a skill closely linked to quickness in that it can involve complex movements and changes of direction while keeping balance.

One of the advantages of agility as opposed to speed and quickness is that it serves as a programmed muscle memory facilitator. Once a soccer player has learned a particular movement pattern, it stays with them without the need of continual repetition. 

By continuously training young soccer players to as many different variations, their ability to adjust to the unpredictable nature of movement patterns posed within the game is greatly increased.


Soccer Quickness

Soccer quickness requires soccer players to have quick reaction times in response to any scenario posed within the game of soccer both immediately and effectively. 

Specific soccer quickness drills are implemented by Coach Williams that helps soccer players increase their reaction time as well as increase their efficiency with scenario reaction based exercises.


Coach Keith Williams can help your young soccer player increase their speed, agility, and quickness drills and exercises. Contact FriscoSoccerCoach today to schedule a private or group lesson.